3 Ways To Clean Dual Fabric Drapes Covering Your Windows

The drapes hanging throughout your home may consist of two types of fabric sewn together at the seams. The outer fabric usually offers the gorgeous pigments and textures you want displayed in your home. The inner liner, however, provides the sun blocking and privacy providing benefits you enjoy from your curtains. When you attempt to clean the draperies, especially with a hot wash and dry cycle, you may end up damaging those fabrics permanently. Luckily, there are a few ways to approach this drapery cleaning process without causing any damage. Read on to learn more information.

Beat With A Broom

Even the thickest weaved fabrics feature tons of tiny holes that capture dust and other particles floating through the air. The dirt and debris slowly make the fabric look dull and dingy. The color may start to darken toward the floor or near the edges where you grab to open and close the drapes.

Thankfully, you can regularly break the dust loose to keep it from causing deep stains or lasting odors. You will want to slide the drapes off the curtain rods and take them outdoors to complete this type of cleaning session. Use the wide end of a clean broom to gently hit the surface of the drapes, which dislodges the dirt and sends it cascading through the air. When the dust and dirt stops coming out of the drape material, you can give them a quick shake and hang them back up on the curtain rods.   

Spray With Compressed Air

If you bang the broom against the curtain material without avail, releasing a never-ending cascade of dust and debris, you may need to bring out the big guns by using a blast of compressed air. You can deliver the sharp blast through an air compressor hose or can of compressed air. Make sure you are working outside for this cleaning procedure, as the trapped debris will rapidly fly away from the drape material upon releasing from the thick fibers.

Wash, But Do Not Dry

For dirt that will not release from the fabric, or deep stubborn stains, you will need to perform a thorough washing of your dual fabric drapes. For cotton and polyester drapes, you can minimize the effects on the different types of fabric by running the washer with cold water on the gentlest setting and skipping the dryer altogether. Make sure the washer setting you select will not agitate wildly or spin the fabric dry.

If your curtains are made from highly reactive materials, such as satin or velvet, you will need to hand wash the drapes in the sink instead. Either way, make sure to use a laundry soap formulated for delicate fabrics. Also, always use cold water and never wring out the fabric by twisting. You can press the fabric dry between two absorbent towels before hanging it up directly on the curtain rods to air dry.

Keeping Your Drapes In Great Shape

If you do not want to take the chance of damaging your drapes by attempting a solo cleaning attempt, you have two options, go to the drycleaners or call your window-covering professional for assistance. At the drycleaners, your drapes will receive a thorough cleaning without risk of pigment fade or fabric shrinkage. The drycleaners will remove all dusty, musty odors trapped deep in the fabric.

The installation professional you obtained your drapes from will closely follow manufacturers cleaning directions to restore the fabric to new condition. By going this route, if anything goes wrong during the cleaning process, you know a qualified professional will likely replace your drapes outright with new ones. Cleaning up your drapes is well worth the hassle, as it will not only make your home look nicer, but will also mitigate health problems associated with dust accumulation.