3 Quick Tips To Reduce Stress On Moving Day

Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences of adult life. As such, it's important you take measures to reduce your anxiety and ensure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible. To help you along, here are three easy ways to reducing stress on moving day:

Hire a Babysitter

Moving is stressful enough on its own without having to worry about children getting in the way. It's only natural for kids to feel a certain sense of mourning when moving, particularly if they have grown up in one location and are leaving their friends behind. This sense of sadness can make them very difficult to deal with on moving day, so oftentimes it's best to have them out of the way while you work on completing the move.

Of course, your children should be given ample time to say goodbye to their home. Rather than just ushering them out the door, give them a couple of days before the move to take them around the home and allow them to say their goodbyes. Not only will this make the process of moving easier, but it will also make the transition to your new home that much smoother.

This tip can be extended to cover pets as well. Particularly if you have an excitable dog that could wreak havoc on moving day, consider sending them to a friend's or a professional dog-sitter. You need to be efficient on moving day, and while it may seem harsh to consider your children or pets as "distractions", having them out of the way for a day will make the whole process go much quicker.

Be Efficient When Sorting Your Belongings

In order to reduce stress, you're going to want to have everything planned well in advance. Oftentimes, many home movers leave packing their belongings until last minute and work themselves into quite a fluster. Therefore, have a strategy well in advance of the move and ensure that everything is ready to go on the day.

Of course, being efficient doesn't apply only to your time. Rather, you should remember to be efficient with your resources as you pack your belongings. Unfortunately, this means being extremely objective about what you do and don't need. Some people like to pack absolutely everything when moving to a new property; however, this will require significant time on your behalf and you'll likely have to do a few trips back and forth to collect everything.

Therefore, remember – if in doubt, throw it out! Under the stress of moving, many people attach sentimental value to trivial items as they find it difficult to let them go. In these situations, try to remain as neutral as possible and only pack what you will definitely use in your new home.

Always Have a Contingency Plan

Regardless of how well you plan the big move, it's inevitable that something will go wrong. Whether it's boxes breaking, a flat tire, or realizing that your baby piano won't fit in the back of your removal van, you must have a contingency plan in place to deal with these events.

To help you on your way to designing a bulletproof contingency plan, consider the following when planning your move:

  • You're not going to have time to cook, so having a few takeaway menus and snacks available will keep you from going hungry throughout the day.
  • Boxes do get bashed around in the back of a removal van, so make sure your valuables are protected with additional material.
  • If you're moving on a Friday, you may run into problems if completion doesn't go through on time. Therefore, having an emergency hotel budget will ensure you aren't stranded for the weekend.

Moving can be a highly stressful time, particularly if you have a family to juggle alongside packing your belongings. To ease your stress come moving day, consider hiring a professional moving company who will be able to transport your belongings to your new home without you having to worry about juggling commitments. You can visit http://midwaymoving.com for more information.