3 Common Causes Of Carpet Odor

Carpeting is a warm and insulating flooring option that unfortunately, due to its soft material qualities, can be quite absorbent. Over time, due to exposure to a variety of different contaminants and materials, your carpet may begin to smell unpleasant. Understanding some of the most common reasons why your carpet may smell strongly can help you identify those sources and fix them to restore your carpets to normal again. 

1. Dirty Vacuums

Sometimes, the smell coming from your carpet isn't your carpets fault at all but is instead due to the uncleanliness of your vacuum and other cleaning equipment. Clogged filters, dirty brushes, or a steam cleaner with water that hasn't been changed in a while can actually leave your carpet dirtier and smelling worse than before you cleaned it. If your carpet chronically smells bad, no matter how much you clean it, you may want to consider either replacing or cleaning your cleaning equipment or having a professional carpet cleaning company in to service your floors.

2. Poor Ventilation

One of the most common reasons why a carpet may smell bad is because of poor ventilation in the room in which it is installed. This means that contaminants in the air can linger, and won't have anywhere to go – so they'll settle into the fibers of your carpet, where they will continue to create a bad smell.

Vacuuming and cleaning will also be less effective, as dirt and debris will be thrown into the air as you clean, but will then float back to the carpet after the process has been completed. To improve the ventilation and air quality within the room, you may want to install a dehumidifier or an air purifier, or running fans and opening the windows periodically throughout the day to create some sort of air flow.

3. Mold

Finally, one of the most serious causes of a strong odor coming from your carpet is if your carpet has experienced water damage anytime in the recent past. Flooding, or even excessive amounts of ambient humidity in the room, can allow mold to take root in your carpet, where it can quickly spread unnoticed through the padding and pile. Flip your carpet over and look for dark green or black stains to determine the size and extent of your mold problem: any sort of mold growth is a fairly serious health concern, and your carpet should be replaced as soon as possible.

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