4 Tips To Help You Find An Apartment You Can Actually Afford

It can be difficult to find that one apartment that feels right, fits your needs, and also doesn't break the bank. After hours of searching, you become discouraged and exhausted. To help make your apartment search more efficient and as stress-free as possible, here are a few tips that will help you find an affordable apartment.

Tip #1: Consider Getting a Roommate

The more people that live in an apartment, the better you are going to be able to afford it. For example, a one-bedroom apartment may cost $800, but a two-bedroom apartment may cost $1,100. That's only a $300 difference for the extra bedroom, but if you have a roommate, you will split the cost right down the middle, saving you $250 a month in rent to put towards something else. Plus, you won't just save on rent, you will also be able to save on utilities and other charges like internet and TV.

Tip #2: Look at Brand-New Apartment Communities

Have you noticed any brand-new apartments being build in the area? While you shouldn't simply assume that you can afford to live there, you should check them out. More often than not, these communities will offer the first month's rent free to new tenants, in addition to additional freebies like free parking spaces. In some cases, and depending on your individual budget, the free perks could add up to enough to the new property being affordable to you.

Tip #3: Consider a Middle Floor Apartment

Most people want to live on the first floor in order to have easy access to their apartment, while others want to live on the top floor in order to have access to the beautiful views. If you are okay with not have either of these, you may be able to get a decent discount on your apartment unit.

Tip #4: Choose Your Amenities Wisely

Sometimes it will just come down to the amenities like on-site or in-unit laundry. As you can imagine, most tenants will prefer having in-unit laundry rather than having to carry their laundry to an on-site laundry facility. These units will have a higher demand and be rented first, and the rent will be higher on them as well. The same is true for renovated apartments. Opting for an apartment that does not have these luxuries may not be as luxurious, but you can save a pretty penny by opting out of the "convenience".