4 Home Electrical Issues To Keep An Eye Out For

If you're a new homeowner, or even if you've owned a house all your life, there may be some things you still don't know about or don't understand. The electrical systems around your home may be one of these things. If you aren't familiar with electrical, it isn't something you should ever attempt to mess with on your own. You could end up injuring yourself, or doing damage to your home. Read on for electrical issues to keep an eye out for throughout your home.

1. Burning Smell

If you smell a burning odor and you aren't cooking, and it isn't something burning outside of your home, it could be an electrical system inside. Turn off everything that is running and check every outlet for burn marks or for sparking. If you notice any of this, turn off your power at the breaker box and call a professional electrician to take a look at the outlet or whatever system was burning. Don't attempt to make the repair yourself if you don't know what you're doing, leave it to a pro instead.

2. Outlet No Longer Working

If you have an outlet that used to work that suddenly is not working, check the breaker box to be sure the fuse didn't blow. Reset the fuse at the breaker and check the outlet again. If it still isn't working, check to be sure it isn't controlled with a switch. If this didn't fix the problem, the outlet may have a loose wire. Call a professional to inspect the outlet for you. The outlet may just need the wiring reattached, or the entire receptacle may need to be replaced.

3. Exposed Wires

If you have any exposed wiring in your home, it's something you should have repaired. You shouldn't have any exposed wiring in your home at all. Wires attached to light fixtures such as chandeliers or pendant lights can be exposed, but if you spot an issue with these wires such as the outer covering is damaged, you should have this repaired as well by a professional.

4. Blinking Lights

If the lights throughout your home are blinking, you may have an issue with the electrical systems in your house. If it's the entire house, it may be an issue with your electric company or the wires outside of your home. Call your neighbor to see if they are having the same problem as you. Then call your electric company to have the outside wiring inspected. If it's just one room, it's something inside your home and you should call an electrician to inspect your electrical wiring.

If you notice problems with your electrical systems in your home, call a professional, such as from Central Electric Inc, for help to make the repairs to ensure they are done properly.