Protect Your Corner Home From Vehicle Accidents

A house on the corner often equates to a larger, more luxurious lot size as well as fewer neighbor issues since you don't share as many property lines as you would in a non-corner home. Yet, there is one risk that is sometimes overlooked—you are more likely to end up with a car in your yard, or even your home, in the event a collision occurs at the intersection. Fortunately, there are landscaping options that can help minimize this risk.

Install a terrace or berm

Raised terracing or berms at the location where a car is most likely to enter the yard can provide a suitable barrier, particularly if both streets are residential with a low speed limit. You don't want to use raised terraces and berms around the entire perimeter of your yard, though, since this puts your home lower than the surrounding landscaping and results in drainage issues that can lead to flooding or foundation problems. Instead, simply install a raised terrace garden right at the corner, or craft a small artificial hillock from soil and plant it with shrubs or grass. The height provides visible interest, as well, thus improving the curb appeal of your home.

Fence in the yard

If fencing in your front yard is an option, then this can provide a suitable option for low and medium speed streets. Even a short 3-foot tall fence protects your home, particularly if it is made of a sturdy material and has posts set deeply in concrete. Solid wood panels are generally more sturdy than vinyl fencing, but you need to bolt them to the main supports instead of nailing if you want them to provide a suitable barrier. Wrought iron is another sturdy option. As a benefit, the pickets are spaced widely enough so that the fence doesn't impede the open feeling of the yard.

Use decorative stone barriers

You have likely seen the concrete pillar barriers in front of shops. While these are too utilitarian for home use, you do have a more aesthetically pleasing option. Large landscaping stones and boulders provide a natural look that blends in with your yard and garden. Place the stones at regular intervals around the yard, making sure that the spaces between them are too narrow for a car to pass through. Visit a stone supply company to see the many options—you can purchase boulders or pillars, either in their natural state or carved and cut to show their best faces. Stone barriers are especially well suited for stopping cars at higher speeds, so consider this option as the best if your home borders a thoroughfare or busier road.

It's important to feel safe in your own home, which is why a barrier is so important for your peace of mind.