Dream Home Failed The Radon Gas Test? What To Do Next

You know when you've found the perfect house. The property has everything on your checklist and sometimes all it takes is a single glance and you know you can never live anywhere else. You've stumbled upon "The One" and you're anxious to move-in. Although you want to get settled in immediately, you go through the required channels so you're able to receive funding. Part of the lending process is getting a home inspection. The house seems to be in excellent condition so it seems that this part of the process will be a breeze. The home makes it through each step but fails in one critical area: Radon poisoning. The level of radon in the home exceeds the livable amount and you're so disappointed. Don't give up hope just yet. Here's what you can do when your dream home fails the radon gas test.

Install A Radon Mitigation System

Radon can be so dangerous because it is colorless and odorless, making it nearly impossible to detect without a test. It is a naturally-occurring gas that seeps into a property that is in contact with the earth. It's basically impossible to keep radon from occurring but you can decrease the amount of it that comes into your house. Once you know that there are excessive amounts of radon in the home your next step is to have a radon mitigation system installed right away.

Radon mitigation systems redirect the gas so that it blows into another direction. The radon mitigation installation service team will install large exhausts under the foundation of the home that use a ventilation-like system to blow radon away from your home. As long as you keep the exhausts running continuously you can greatly reduce the amount of radon gas that enters your place.

Periodically Check Radon Levels

After you have the radon mitigation system installed it's still important for you to periodically check the radon levels. When you do the radon testing you'll know whether or not your system is working as it should. Maybe you need to ramp up the mitigation system to a higher level if the radon hasn't decreased as much as you like. Doing the test keeps you aware and can save your family from potential poisoning.

Don't let radon sway you away from a house that you absolutely can't live without. Have the radon mitigation system set up and get ready to move into your dream home.