Three Scenarios To Choose A Low-Profile Ceiling Fan

When you shop for a white ceiling fan that you'll install in any of the rooms in your home, there are several different features and functions to think about. One detail that can initially be easy to overlook is how far the fan hangs below the ceiling. As you evaluate different ceiling fans, you'll come across some that are labeled "low profile." This term means that the fan mounts close to the ceiling, rather than hangs a significant number of inches below it. Here are three scenarios in which you'll want to seriously consider buying a low-profile ceiling fan.

You Have A Low Ceiling

When you're shopping for a white ceiling fan, you should always be thinking about where you'll install this device. For example, if the room doesn't have windows, choosing a fan with built-in lights is a good idea. The height of the room's ceiling is also something to consider. If you're buying a fan for a room that has a low ceiling — a room in your basement, for example — a low-profile design will be a smart choice. A fan without this design could hang too far down from the ceiling in a room that isn't very tall.

You're Of Above-Average Height

Even if you're planning to install your new ceiling fan in a room with a standard-height ceiling, you may be keen on the low-profile design. If you're of above-average height, a low-profile fan can make a lot of sense. Even if you're not tall enough that you'd bump your head on the fan, you might not like the idea of its blades rotating just a few inches above your head. With a low-profile design, you may feel more comfortable knowing that the fan is as close to the ceiling as it can be.

You Have Children

Children have an occasional knack for getting things caught in fan blades. Whether a child intentionally throws something into the blades or this happens by accident, the end result is that you'll have to invest some time in untangling whatever has wrapped around the fan. A ceiling fan that hangs well below the ceiling is an easier target for children, but a low-profile fan is a few inches farther out of the way. This may make a difference in the number of children's toys and other items that become entangled. Visit a website that carries a wide range of white indoor ceiling fans and browse the low-profile models to find a design that you like.