Picking A New Mattress? Modern Features Worthy Of Attention

Picking out a new mattress is no doubt one of the biggest decisions you can make about home furnishings. You will probably be spending more time on your bed than you will on any other piece of furniture you have in the house. As you make your way to the mattress sales store, make sure you have a checklist in mind of just what you want from your new mattress. Some prefer firm mattresses, others prefer soft and cushy ones, and many prefer a healthy balance. Beyond the usual needs, however, you may want to look at some of the general modern-day features you can find in mattresses such as queen mattresses

Cooling Features

If you have issues sleeping when your bed feels too hot, you may be interested in mattresses with cooling features. Most of these mattresses will have an integrated layer of material designed to encourage natural cooling. For example, you may find a queen mattress with a gel layer woven inside and beneath the cushioning that actually cools the internal area of the mattress. While a number of variations of cooling mattresses exist, all of the mattresses with cooling features are designed to keep you more comfortable. 

Antimicrobial Features 

Antimicrobial mattresses naturally repel microbes, such as bacteria and allergens like dust mites, and you can find these mattresses in everything from king or queen mattresses to smaller twin and toddler mattresses for children. If you or a family member has a compromised immune system or has issues with allergies, finding a mattress that naturally helps keep you from getting sick is a pretty beneficial thing. These mattresses are made with materials that are specifically known to be a deterrent for certain microbes. Therefore, if you are interested in an antimicrobial mattress, be sure to check out specifically what the mattress is capable of deterring. 

Therapeutic Features

Imagine a mattress that was so good for your body that you could actually wake in the morning feeling better than usual. Thanks to modern science and manufacturing technology, therapeutic mattresses are now completely possible. For instance, you may find a mattress woven with copper fibers, which may help to deter certain types of inflammation in your body. Therapeutic mattresses may also be specifically designed to help with certain ailments. For example, queen mattresses with a quality memory foam top may help to deter issues with back pain while you are asleep, and an adjustable mattress may be good if you have sleep apnea.