Air Duct Cleaning Is Helpful In Every Season

When it comes to duct cleaning, some people have one question — when is it best to perform this service? In short, the answer is anytime. There are benefits involved no matter what season you decide to have the ducts cleaned, and even better, the advantages of air duct cleaning span across multiple seasons and even years.

Spring and Summer

The spring and summer seasons are known as the warmer days of the year. However, with the heat, there comes plenty of concerns. As everything on the ground begins to bloom, allergens begin to fill the air. 

As the allergens make their way into your home, it is common for them to settle within the air ducts. Since the air from your cooling system must circulate through these ducts, it should come as no surprise that these particles will also make their way into the air in your home. 

For a person that even suffers from mild allergies, the constant flow of these allergens roaming through the air can cause constant irritation and lead to them being uncomfortable. With a professional duct cleaning, you have the opportunity to remove any built-up allergens from the air ducts, and as a result, you start the season off fresh and prevent the particles from recirculating through the air.  

Fall and Winter

With the fall and winter season, in most parts of the country, this change in season will mean a reliance on your home's furnace to keep your home comfortable. As a result of this reliance, it is not uncommon for your home's electrical costs to increase.

Did you know that a professional duct cleaning during this time of year can help lower your costs? When air ducts are dirty, it can limit the amount of warmed airflow through your home, and as a result, it will force the furnace to work harder. The harder the system works, the more it will cost to operate.

When you have the air ducts cleaned, you eliminate any barriers that are preventing the warmed air from freely circulating through your home, and as a result, the system does not have to work as hard. Not only will this benefit lower your heating costs, but it can also help extend the life of your heating system.

If your home is in need of professional duct cleaning, contact an HVAC service technician. No matter what time of year, they will be more than happy to help.