Outdoor Lighting Makes Your Yard Enjoyable At Night While Making It Safer, Too

Landscape lighting makes your property more attractive at night, and it can make your evenings outdoors more enjoyable. Outdoor lighting is also good for home security and your safety as you walk around in the dark. There are many options for outdoor lighting, so you can choose lights that match your lifestyle and outdoor decor. Here are some outdoor lights to consider.

Solar Stakes And Discs

Solar lights are the most convenient to install since they don't need wiring. Popular options are stake lights you push in the soil and solar discs. Discs are also known as in-ground lights since they are level with the ground. Both stakes and discs have their own solar panels and storage cells on each individual light so the lights can be placed anywhere there is sunshine.

By lighting your walkways, patios, or stairs with these lights, your home is safer so you don't have to worry about kids or guests tripping when walking to your door or when walking around your pool.

Lantern Lights

Lantern lights are classic outdoor lights. These can be mounted on your exterior walls, placed on a pole, or put on the ground. Some are solar-powered, but if you want to ensure the lights work all night in all kinds of weather, you may want an electrician or landscape lighting company to run wiring to the lights.

String Lights

String lights are popular for outdoor lighting, especially for lighting around patios and areas for outdoor entertaining. String lights can have large bulbs or be small twinkling lights. Some string lights are solar-powered, but when you want assurance the lights will work every time you eat outside or entertain, then you may want permanent wiring installed.

You might also want a lighting company to install your string lights if you want them hung in the most attractive manner. You can hang the lights from posts or trees. You can even wind small twinkling lights around trees and their branches.

Colored Lights

You can add dramatic color to your yard with LED lighting in various colors. You might want red and green for the holidays, or choose a variety of colors for use all year. You can use several lights to turn multiple bushes and trees red, blue, or yellow, or you might just want a single plant illuminated in a purple glow near your door.

Strip Lighting

Strip lights have many uses outdoors. Be sure to buy strip lights rated for outdoor use since both indoor and outdoor strip lights are available. These can be installed by peeling off the backing and pressing them in place. The LED lights glow white, blue, or other colors. You can place a strip along each stair leading to your door or run the lights under the eaves of your roof and outline your home in lights.