Why Mulch Is A Good Choice In Your Side Yard

There are all sorts of places throughout your yard that can benefit from the addition of mulch. You might favor placing mulch around some trees or shrubs in your front yard and perhaps even create a rustic sitting area out of mulch at the rear of your home. Don't overlook the value of this material as a ground covering for your side yard, too. This can especially be an idea to pursue if you live in a subdivision in which your next-door neighbors' homes are just feet from the side of your residence. Here are some reasons that mulch can be a good option for your side yard.

To Improve the Aesthetics of Your Yard

For many people, it can be a challenge to get any type of vegetation to properly grow in the side yard. When two homes are situated close to one another, the space between them will often remain in the shade for the majority of the day. Given that a lot of plants need a good amount of sunlight to grow, and even grass requires frequent sun, you may have trouble keeping anything alive in this space. Instead of struggling, consider mulch as an alternative. Using it will help to alleviate the stress that you've potentially been feeling about your challenges to grow grass or flowers.

To Avoid Conflicts With Your Neighbor

When there's a narrow side yard between two homes that isn't divided by a fence, it's possible for conflicts to arise about maintaining this space. For example, if you were to cut the grass in this area, you might feel as though your neighbor should reciprocate by doing the same a week later. If they don't, you'll face the difficult decision of taking on the responsibility yourself or discussing the topic with your neighbor and potentially getting into a conflict. Mutually agreeing that you'll place mulch in this area is ideal because mulch doesn't require maintenance, so there will be no disagreements about whose turn it is to care for the side yard.

To Prevent Wear

If you're able to get grass to grow in your side yard, you may find that it looks bad because of the constant flow of foot traffic through this space. If your family and your neighbors walk along the side yard multiple times a day, this can trample the grass down and cause it to look unappealing. Applying mulch is a good option because it resists foot traffic well.