Avoid Stains From Pets When Buying New Living Room Furniture

Updating your living room with new furniture can be challenging when you have pets jumping up on your sofa. Since your pets can lead to quite a lot of damage if left unsupervised, choosing furniture that will withstand the kind of wear and tear your pet causes makes sense. 

Rather than worrying about stains occurring, consider the following tips to ensure that you choose furniture that holds up well over the years. 

Limit Your Purchase of Fabric 

As you look at different pieces of furniture, you'll find items covered in fabric. While a sofa will almost certainly be fabric, leather is an option you can try to avoid more fabric than necessary. A coffee table built with wood or metal is a better option than one upholstered. 

Considering what pieces of furniture need fabric and what can go without can ensure that you're not adding more items that need deep cleaning. 

Choose Timeless Materials

If you're concerned that your living room furniture will acquire stains and be challenging to clean due to having pets, consider the materials best designed for pets. Vinyl and microfiber can be easy to clean without expensive equipment. 

Any wood furniture should also be a harder wood that's not as susceptible to scratching from your pets jumping up. Fabric that's easy to treat in the event of any stains can also make you feel much better about your furniture and avoid issues where deep cleaning is essential due to your pets. 

Consider Any Colors for Rugs 

Placing a rug in your living room can add some warmth and visual interest. However, you could have some concerns over the mess your pets can make with a rug on the flooring. From a cat using the rug as its personal scratcher to your dog having an accident on it, it's best to avoid delicate rugs. Thicker rugs that are low-pile can be easy to clean and disguise any mess that's too challenging to remove. 

The rug's color should also be kept dark or with a pattern to ensure that any mess isn't immediately obvious.

If you're interested in visiting a furniture store but feel overwhelmed with the options available, it's best to choose pieces that will be timeless with your pets. Considering the mess and damage your pet can make will ensure that your furniture is an excellent investment and that you'll feel good about how your living room looks.

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