3 Frequently Asked Questions About Chimney Cleaning Answered

A properly maintained chimney will filter smoke into the outdoors efficiently. The chimney will allow proper air circulation, improving heating efficiency. You will also avoid frequent and costly repairs, saving you money. Moreover, your chimney will last for many years, which is a great return on investment. 

Relying solely on home remedies, such as cleaning logs, is a bad idea. DIY methods can't perform excellent work as professionals. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about chimney cleaning.

How Should You Prepare for Chimney Cleaning 

You should avoid using your fireplace for some hours before the inspection. This period will allow the interior masonry to cool down. Also, remove decorations from the top of the mantle. Your chimney sweep might accidentally knock them over during inspection. If you have furniture near your fireplace, you should move them. Debris and ash from the chimney may fall on the items.

Apart from moving furniture, you should remove items like the fireplace grate and tools. This step will allow easy access to the chimney. Additionally, you should notify your professional about any abnormal signs from the chimney or fireplace. These symptoms may indicate a problem that must be handled before cleaning the chimney.

Should You Inspect Your Chimney If You Are Using Gas

You need to inspect your chimney even if you are using gas. The gas fireplace chimney provides a draft that pulls combustion air into the unit. If the chimney becomes too cold, it won't provide adequate air for a strong draft. This problem will hinder the chimney's efficiency, leading to excessive carbon monoxide buildup in the chimney. Breathing carbon monoxide can cause respiratory complications.

Your chimney may experience condensation of water vapor inside the cooler flue. The water particles formed are highly acidic and corrosive, damaging your chimney components. Moreover, the burners in the gas fireplace can become dirty with time, leading to poor flame performance. Your professional will need to diagnose these issues and correct them.

How Often Should You Clean Your Chimney

Generally, you should clean your chimney at least once a year. A wood-burning fireplace may require cleaning twice a year, as wood produces more creosote. Creosote is highly combustible and can trigger a fire in your home. Other factors that will affect the frequency of cleaning your chimney include the age of your home, the condition of your unit, and the weather. Your professional will guide you accordingly.

Signs indicating your chimney needs cleaning include foul odors, a poorly burning fire, animal or bird noises, soot buildup, excessive smoke, and a black damper.

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