Tips For Choosing Blinds For A Bathroom Window

When you're remodeling the primary bathroom in your home, you'll have several assorted projects to tackle. One thing that you shouldn't overlook is your window covering. This is a good time to remove the existing window covering and replace it with something contemporary. There are lots of options, but horizontal blinds tend to be a good visual fit in any bathroom. You'll find all sorts of products for sale at your local window coverings store, so you won't have trouble finding a set of blinds that work in this space. Here are some tips for choosing blinds for your bathroom window.

Micro Size

There are many different sizes of horizontal blinds on the market. Generally, it's useful to think about the size of the window when you're choosing between the sizes of blinds. While blinds that are large can work well on a large window, you'll likely favor a smaller, finer look on a small window. Most bathroom windows are on the small side, which makes micro-size blinds a good option. Their individual slats of this type are thinner than other blinds, which gives them a fine look that pairs well with a small window.

Light Color

Although you can buy horizontal blinds in many different colors, a light hue will typically be your best bet in the bathroom. A lot of bathrooms are on the smaller side, which means that you want to make decor choices that help the room feel spacious. Light colors add a roomy feel, which is why light paint is a good choice for the walls. Dark-colored blinds may make the area around the window feel cramped, so choosing something in white or off-white will be a better idea.

Wider Than The Window

Some people choose horizontal blinds that are exactly as wide as the window opening, but you also have the option of choosing blinds that are a little wider. Having the blinds extend past each side of the window ensures that there are no tiny cracks between the edges of the blinds and the edges of the window. You want to feel a full sense of privacy when you're in the bathroom, particularly if it's on the ground floor of your home or faces a neighbor's home. Choosing wider blinds will provide full coverage of the window to give you a feeling of full confidence when you're undressed. Shop for blinds for your bathroom at a local window coverings store.