Buy These Useful Dessert Utensils

If you've recently started to enjoy hosting dinner parties in your home, it's important to have the right serving utensils to use while your guests are present. While you might be content with using random utensils when you're eating on your own or with immediate family, utensils for specific tasks can be a great asset at gatherings. Where dessert is concerned, there are a number of specific utensils that you'll find useful. You can easily find each of these, as well as a variety of other products, at a local or online store that specializes in kitchen supplies.

Pie/Cake Server

Sometimes known as a pie server and sometimes known as a cake server, this utensil has a simple design but is valuable whenever you're serving pie or cake to your guests. It has a wedge shape that is similar to a slice of pie or cake, which will allow you to easily lift the dessert and transfer it from its plate or dish to your guest's plate. Other utensils won't provide as much adequate support beneath the piece of dessert, causing the dessert to crumble and sometimes make a mess. With a pie/cake server, you'll have no trouble giving each guest a tidy-looking slice.

Ice Cream Scoop

A lot of people use a tablespoon when they serve themselves ice cream, but it's nice to have a proper scoop when you're hosting guests. Kitchen supply stores carry all sorts of ice cream scoops, which are designed to make it easy to form a round ball of ice cream. Some of these scoops are equipped with an apparatus that scrapes the surface of the scoop at the press of a button to release the ice cream, which can be handy if you're having trouble getting the ice cream off the scoop.

Mini Tongs

You might have one or more pairs of tongs that you use in various ways when you're cooking, but a pair of mini tongs can come in handy when you're hosting guests. These tongs, which are scaled down in size and thus easy to maneuver, are perfect for lifting cookies, squares, and other small desserts off your serving platter and onto a guest's plate. You can serve your guests with the tongs or place a couple pairs of tongs on the table so that your guests can serve themselves.

Look for these and other dessert utensils at a local or online kitchen supply store, such as BathWorks.