4 Tips To Help You Find An Apartment You Can Actually Afford

It can be difficult to find that one apartment that feels right, fits your needs, and also doesn't break the bank. After hours of searching, you become discouraged and exhausted. To help make your apartment search more efficient and as stress-free as possible, here are a few tips that will help you find an affordable apartment. Tip #1: Consider Getting a Roommate The more people that live in an apartment, the better you are going to be able to afford it. Read More 

Two Things You Can Do To Troubleshoot Your Furnace

If you have a furnace that burns kerosene or heating oil, it may stop working right when you want it to when it's cold outside. When it doesn't work, there are things that you can do to get your furnace running again.  Check the Emergency Cutoff Switch Furnaces have an emergency cutoff switch. The switch may look like a light switch or it may be a button. If there is a problem with the furnace, it will often trigger this cutoff switch. Read More 

Is There A Mouse In Your House? Helpful Tips For Making Your Home Mouse Proof

The population of the common house mouse is currently more than that of any other mammal in the entire United States. The sheer numbers of this animal and the fact that each female can produce up to 10 litters of offspring each year are just a few of the reasons that nearly every household will experience a problem with mice at one or more points in their lives.  Winter often brings more mouse activity Read More 

Is Composite Decking Worth The Extra Cost?

The time has come to replace your deck, and you have a couple of quotes in front of you. One is for composite decking -- it's high. The other is for wooden decking -- it's cheaper. If you're on a tight budget, you may be tempted to just go with the wood decking and call it a day. But there are some benefits of composite decking that make it worth that price. Read More 

3 Material Choices To Consider When Upgrading Your Kitchen Countertops

The countertops are an important component of the kitchen, especially if you cook and clean on these services daily. If your countertops are outdated and you're looking to give them an upgrade, consider these material choices. 1. Granite  One of the most popular material choices for countertops today is granite and for a good reason. In addition to being extremely durable and long-lasting, granite is very simple to take care of. Read More