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Window Treatment Tips For Homeowners

Window treatments can be an extremely impactful accessory for your home. In addition to making the windows look better, these treatments may also improve your ability to regulate the light that enters the home. Ensure The Window Treatments Correctly Fit The Windows One of the more challenging aspects of buying window treatments will be the issue of correctly sizing them. When a person makes the mistake of incorrectly sizing their window treatments, they can severely impact the effect that the window treatments have on the aesthetic of their home. Read More 

AC Services You Might Need When Your Air Conditioner Is Short Cycling

When your air conditioner is working properly, it kicks on when the thermostat detects the temperature in your home is too high. It then runs for several minutes, before it kicks back off when the temperature in your home has lowered to the thermostat setting. A condition known as short cycling occurs when your air conditioner shuts itself down after it runs for just a few minutes, because it overheats. Since the temperature doesn't get low enough to satisfy the thermostat, your AC then kicks back on only to shut off again quickly. Read More 

Why Mold Inspection Is A Perfected Science And Why You Can’t Do It Yourself

Mold inspection services are an absolute necessity when you first spot mold anywhere in your home. The spores of these organisms spread rapidly, destroying everything they adhere to, and worse still, some kinds of mold are absolutely toxic and lethal to humans. You want to have mold inspected in order to protect your home and your family.  However, you should never do mold inspection yourself. The professionals have this process down to a perfected science that keeps everyone and everything safe. Read More 

Protect Your Corner Home From Vehicle Accidents

A house on the corner often equates to a larger, more luxurious lot size as well as fewer neighbor issues since you don't share as many property lines as you would in a non-corner home. Yet, there is one risk that is sometimes overlooked—you are more likely to end up with a car in your yard, or even your home, in the event a collision occurs at the intersection. Fortunately, there are landscaping options that can help minimize this risk. Read More 

4 Home Electrical Issues To Keep An Eye Out For

If you're a new homeowner, or even if you've owned a house all your life, there may be some things you still don't know about or don't understand. The electrical systems around your home may be one of these things. If you aren't familiar with electrical, it isn't something you should ever attempt to mess with on your own. You could end up injuring yourself, or doing damage to your home. Read More